Gravel Installment Oregon

Gravel Delivery

At Tri County Paving, we serve all kinds of residential and commercial customers, depending on the way they need to use the gravel. Here are the some of the uses for the gravel that we supply.


This is also another group of people who have been making orders for gravel delivery. Gravel supports the growth of different types of plants and flowers. It can be used instead of soil. When gravel is used, gardeners do not require to use much fertilizer since it has minerals required by plants and flowers. Gravel also prevents soil erosion and the growth of weeds. Therefore, if you are a gardener, you should consider making your gravel order today since it can be more efficient, natural, and sustainable for you. We can deliver any amount of gravel that you need.

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Residential Driveways

One of the places where the gravel is mainly used in Central Oregon and even in other places is residential. For this reason, our leading gravel customers are the homeowners. Homeowners make use of gravel in several ways. This includes making driveways and paths.

Today, every person who is building the driveway is using gravel. This is because gravel is quite different from most materials used in making the driveway like concrete. Unlike most materials, gravel does not crack even if exposed to any climatic condition. Therefore, more and more homeowners want to use durable materials to make their driveways, which is why most homeowners are making gravel delivery orders. When gravel is used in paths and driveways, they give them a very natural appearance and make them attractive and beautiful.

Road Construction

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When constructing roads, we get orders from so many road construction contractors; gravel is a very important component. Gravel is laid down between the soil and rocks on the road and the tarmac. The gravel’s primary purpose is to ensure that the road withstands any amount of weight placed on it. Therefore, we are also ready and can supply and delivering gravel even to large scale road constructors.