Asphalt Maintenance Services

We not only can pave your new driveway, parking lot or road, but we also specialize in protecting your investment with our asphalt maintenance services. By offering a number of different methods, it is our goal to work with you and explain how to protect your new investment or extend the life of your older pavement.

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Gravel Installment Oregon

Gravel Delivery & Installation

With over thirty years of experience in residential renovation design and over 16,000 renovation plans delivered to this day.

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Residential Paving

Are you tired of your dusty gravel or old broken up driveway? Are you experiencing issues with your asphalt walkway or asphalt drive due to incorrect installation, tree roots, age or weather related problems?

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Commercial Paving Oregon

Commercial Paving

When Central Oregon construction companies, businesses and agencies require paving and maintenance projects to be completed on time and with the highest quality, they seek out experienced paving contractors who are local to the region.

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Oregon Tri County Paving

Asphalt Supplier

If you have a construction project in need of asphalt then look no further. TriCounty Paving is the best asphalt supplier in central Oregon for three main reasons: quality, capacity, and experience.

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